Kent + Carol

Wine is a shared passion and central part of our lives. Carol is a writer and former owner of a wine shop and wine importing company in Seattle. Kent earned a degree in enology from UC Davis in 1985, and promptly went to work for Genentech. Kent continues to work the biotechnology field. We made wine in our garage for many years before starting Rock and Clay Wines. Rock and Clay Wines was created to produce small batches of wines from unique and exceptional grape sources, including our own Namesake Vineyard chardonnay.



Our wines are lovingly produced at The Wine Foundry in Napa, CA.


Why does Rock and Clay produce wines with birds on the labels?

The seasons have a pronounced presence in vineyards and one of the most prominent features of each season are the types of birds and their activities in the vineyard. In early spring we have flocks of Western Meadowlarks in the Namesake vineyard (hence the Meadowlark on the label of that wine) and their flute-like songs accompany bud break and the start of the vine’s growing season. As spring becomes summer, bluebirds inhabit nesting boxes and patrol the vines for insects, while a few finches make nests in some of the thicker vine canopies. As the grapes mature and are harvested, large flocks of blackbirds swirl in the sky and settle into the vineyard, gleaning berries from the clusters left behind. On winter days, hawks fly low over leafless, dormant vines during the day, and barn owls do the same at night, looking for gophers and rabbits.

Birds are beautiful and inspiring elements of the natural world that are ever present in our vineyard.

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